This is my kitty. Somee.
Actually, she belongs to all of us.
I got her name from a character of a little girl in a Korean movie that my dad downloaded.

She grows bigger all the time. Until she is no longer a kitten.
But she still acts like one.

Tuna from a packet used to be her ultimate favorite until she got introduced to real fish and then chicken.
When she is hungry, she will rub against any standing legs.
She currently needs about three whole fish to be full.

She is curious and restless. She has also recently found new love with the outdoors.
And I mean it because there's a big fat ginger stray she brought in the other day.
Uncle was not too happy with her choice :)

Typical pussy but we love you all the same.
Be our kitty always.

getting chummy with astro

spider kitty

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