The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. -Michael Altshuler

You do not realize that your whole life is one big circle. You normally like to think of it as a straight endless road that would one fateful day branch out into two diverging roads; the one less traveled to paradise and the other to the wasteland. Some of you think the winding road leads to a dead end; the end. Others may like to think that life is like a ladder that you keep climbing to get to the top even if it did not guarantee you would like it there. Or a sort of drink that contains many layers of different flavors; one minute you are sipping on bitter, then you get to sweet and at times guzzling on a salty or spicy taste. But each and every one of us eventually roams the entire sphere of earth to finally realize this:

When you are studying English Literature in one of the best public universities in your country and you are in your final year, and a lecturer of one of the courses; that you never came across or knew before, decided that for this course you would need to open up a personal blog page.

This blog page have been my place of rant around the growing pains of my pre-adult years of 2011. I tried my best to revive it before 2012 ended but it spurted blood and died. Why? If expressing and writing were all humans were made to live for, then why did I give it up so soon?

                                    THE REAWAKENING OF PASSIONS

I'd like to think you can see development and growth in between that short gap of the last post and this post. I would like to indirectly brag about my maturity level, about modestly focusing on the person I have evolved into; no longer someone so naive and full of unnecessary emotions. But this might and might not be the last personal post in this blog. She wanted our blog to be academic and/or literary. We can walk this journey together but at some point, one of us have to separate and then, we never know where we will end up.

But still I have always loved writing and expressing opinions and analyzing texts. There are 30 over other blogspot pages besides mine, and one or another may always be better or worse. I can honestly say that I am not here to impress anyone or prove a point, but for the sake of my own individuality and taste. I would say that anything I write from here will come from the heart but that it will not be for anyone but myself; however you say you needed sincerity and commitment, and I hope you find them in here.

You do not really know me yet and I do not really know you.

Learn something of and from me because I want to learn something of and from you too.

If we always wait for the next time to be better, we will never make it good this time. Life is a circle and you will never realize it until you have to dust off the cobwebs of your old blog page and start redecorating its corners with your life's thingamabobs.

Perhaps now is the time to return to the point of the circle where you first started. Maybe then you will find the answers you were looking for to questions you did not ask. Let's learn from one another.
Good luck.