Oh BoNnIe, I SeE YoU

OMG. I did not know this at all.

How could I?

Or can I?

Name: James [Jamie] Campbell M. Bower
Date of birth: 22nd Nov 1988
Place of birth: London
Mother: Annie, music manager
Father: David, Gibson Guitar Corporation
Brother: Samuel, younger
Professional career: Sweeney Todd, Harry Potter, New Moon, part-time model [Select Model Management]


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So, what did I not know that nearly gave me a heart attack?

Bower [pic, above] is now engaged to Harry Potter star, you name it, BONNIE WRIGHT a.k.a Ginny Weasley and they are expected to marry in 2011/12.

:o :o :o

One handsome man down.

Oh yeah,before I forget..

Her picture:

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I have nothing against her. I'm just shocked.

One gorgeous lady down.

She's hot. He's hot. Good choice. Hope they live happily ever after  :)

they look really good together
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Ok. Let's move on to his extraordinary voice, shall we?

Angel Singer of Fleet Street

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Lovey dovey y'all! xoxo

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