BaNkSy: ThE PHeNoMeNaL GrAfFiTi ArTiSt

upside down           

anonymous British graphic artist

satirical street art

subversive epigrams

irreverent dark humour

distinctive stencilling technique

exit through the gift shop

Angelina Jolie bought this piece
(don't ask me how much for) 

*pictures from banksy


Evolution of Urban Art.

I'm so left behind with my color pencils and magic markers.

Blek le Rat: Art is not peace but war

Banksy may have created war with the government and some people but he re-defined everything to do with possibilities, opportunities; the works.
He created history and fame for himself through his creativity; awareness and realization to political and social issues for his audience.

Sometimes you got to do something wrong to get others to see the right.
"the ends justify the means"

We can't do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles.
In the meantime, we should all go shopping to console ourselves.
-Banksy, Wall and Piece-

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