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"Do not apologize for your weaknesses-just for the mistakes your weaknesses caused."

People are frequently using this term "I'm born the way I am" or "God made me this way and He makes no mistake".
Just listen to Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' and you will get it.

So what I really want to know is this:

Is it okay to justify what we are by saying that this is how we were created and that there is no real line between what is right and wrong?

I guess what I'm really puzzled by is the fact that we trust God who is perfect to be able to lead us into the perfect image of Him. That means we are not to judge/criticize/put down people who were lovingly and wonderfully and fearfully made by Him. He tells us what is right and wrong but is it good for us to go against bad people? Aren't all sins the same?

And He the Almighty who can love the gays and the weirdos and the cult followers etc., does He expects us to do the same?
He did not make any mistakes creating them. So is it right for them to be who they are? 

Do we show them love and accept them as a part of us because God did that?

The world is crying out this same cry: It is MY right to be who I AM because this is who God made ME to be.
They want the rights to be, do, and say anything. And they should and could and would. Cause we have the same rights. To be what God wants us to be.
If God said it was wrong for Lady Gaga to be who she is and do what she does, then how is it fair and how is it does she have the same rights as us? And if God gave her the same rights to be herself, how can He propose what is right and wrong? That is in itself taking away her rights already.

Is it because the world wants to live in such a way that what they think is right and the rest are self-denial and putting the blame on God?

(The Devil feeding us lies again?)

Is there such thing as different religious practices but belief in the same God? As in Muslims, Hindu and Buddhists gods are the same as Jehovah-just pictured differently?
Cause I've been getting that a lot too. 
And I'm not sure of believing anything for the moment.

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