On MaY 17

Here goes. For you guys out there anywhere who are clueless about this date [obviously];
well it is coming soon and that's not it. [Why am I always running all over the place or beating around the bush?]

I have been called for National Service.
I postponed it for my studies and now that I have finished and am rotting every day away in front of this Wonder screen, they have sniffed out my laziness stink and tracked me down to pull me back in.
Actually, my mum re-applied it for me.

Not that it is a bad thing at all! Not everyone gets this chance. Only certain people get selected so I am proud to be given this chance. There is also fear and anticipation mixed in with dread yet excitement [somebody should give this mix of feelings a term!] in attending this three-month camp because... well, I'm not going to come here and just tarnish their name on my blog. God knows what they would do to me once I am there.

So, if you have been reading between the lines... I am not going to be blogging for three months. Not that it would hurt any one of you because I'm not so sure who's been following and reading either [You guys been pretty quiet]. Well, just a piece of information for you, then. Do not be sad; I will be back.

I have a feeling I would have more to write about once I come back. SO it is a good thing :) I will also have more friends and valuable experiences... yadayadayada...

Take care. All of you. I love you so much. Thank you for going through this life with me.
Even if it's only through a superficial, virtual blog. It still means a lot to me.
And also thank you for sharing your life with me. :)

[via deviantart.com]

[via deviantart.com]

I hope wherever it is I am going,
it would be a mythical place full of
fun and adventure.
[I seriously doubt this]

[via can'trememberwherethisisfromplsdontsueme?]

Lavania, this is a note to remind thyself:
Colour and curl your hair after you get back. A job would be great too. Time for some extra cash. I will miss Secret Recipe, my family, my boyfriend, my cat, Internet access and Attai's tea.

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